Gym Leader

Job Scope All of Above must BE PERFORMED:

1. Customer Service
2. Gym Cleaning
3. Minor Maintenance
4. Sales on Gym Membership, Supplement & Personal Trainers

We are hiring Full Time & Part Timer
Full Time
1. Salary RM 1200
2. Ability to work Monday to Friday 7:30am to 6pm & Saturday 7:30am to 9pm
3. Able to support OT for long hours work
4. ***Only Penang Island people is encourage
5. 5 days Training Provided

Part Time
1. Salary RM 4 – RM 5.00 /Hours
2. Ability to work on Morning, Evening or Saturday & Sunday
3. ***Only Penang Island people is encourage
4. 5 days Training Provided

*** Which is just for enquiry please don’t contact
*** Orginal from Pulau Pinang (Penang Island))

***Job Location Area : Glugor, Relau, Desa Indah Relau Block 86, Teluk Kumbar, Batu Maung & Batu Lancang.
*****Management will decide which branch is suitable for selected candidate
Nationality Preferred Malaysians Only
Gender Preferred Male Only
Language Required English | Bahasa Malaysia
Own Transport Motorcycle
Experience Level < 1 year Minimum Education Required for Full Time : Sijil or Diploma for Part Time : Sijil and Above Location Penang